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Tourists have their cameras ripped off at gunpoint. I am uncomfortable sitting next to men on public transportation. Despite convincing myself I should feel safe, I have felt unsafe in many other situations, whether with cause or just on a hunch. My boyfriend has a friend who has been living with us while he saves some money and looks for a place to live. Friday on the way to our house when he was getting off the micro, the chofer heard a lot of change in his pocket and accused him of having stolen it from the micro.

He denied stealing anything and tried to push by the driver to get off, though the driver jumped up and stabbed him in the neck with a knife. As he grabbed his neck to put pressure on, he started asking everyone on the busy street for help, that they call an ambulance. He was already bleeding all over his clothes, and said people literally ran away from him. He made his way to some police at the gas station, who rushed him to the emergency room and got him attended to immediately.

The doctors said if the knife would've gone a little big deeper or sideways, he would've been dead. Instead he's already back home with us, neck stitched up, ignoring his doctor-instructed rest. The driver got away. Given how often I recognize stickers and trinkets hanging from the rearview mirrors inside the busses I take, I will probably unknowingly ride in his micro within the next couple months.

I try to convince myself this was an exception, one crazy isolated occurrence. Maybe I need to tell myself that in order to feel safe, and I support it with the fact that I've been relatively lucky so far. Is that number really able to coexist with my perception of safety?

Posted by lydia at 3: Friday, March 2, Why I've gone back again and again. Don't get up from your beach towel to shop! In Florianopolis and Rio beach vendors pass around selling everything from munchies to dresses. As you may have guessed given that I recently gave advice about how to get a tourist visa to Brazil, I recently travelled there! Though jumping through bureaucratic hoops just for kicks sounds fun too This was actually my third trip to Brazil, I keep going back because there's always more to see and I love it.

To me, Brazil is very comfortable, almost nostalgic, to travel in. There are so many tall blondes I don't call too much attention. It actually reminds me a lot of Minnesota in how things work and how people in society act. Nobody bothers or cat-calls, health and fitness is big, recycling is everywhere, public transportation works with set bus stops and orderly lines, and people are willing to help you out in whatever situation.

It helps that I'm fluent in Spanish, which is fairly easy to get by with in the parts I've been, though from what I understand it gets progressively less useful as you go further North. English is also pretty useful, as many people speak it well, especially those in tourism. I don't really want to do a play-by-play of my entire trip, so instead I wanted to highlight some of the places and things I've seen, liked and tried.

I am not a luxury traveler. I usually travel by bus between cities, carry only a backpack, don't book anything in more than a few hours advance, and sleep in hostel dormitories. I love the open hostel atmosphere and enjoy meeting other people from around the world while I'm traveling. By far my favorite cities have been Rio, and Florianopolis, though Foz makes the list just because Iguazu Falls are not to be skipped. I've enjoyed everywhere to some extent, though Sao Paulo has nothing on Rio for anyone wanting a city, and Camboriu, despite a beautiful beach, lacked atmosphere for my standards in Brazil, at least, though it easily surpasses Chilean beaches by a long shot.

Most of the places I've stayed have been good, though I suppose since my very first night in Brazil over 5 years ago was in a scetchy motel I added links added to the city names above for hostels I'd recommend. Honestly, I am not a fan of the food and especially not the juice! In Brazil, I pig out on 3 things: I could live off these and nothing else. It'd probably be so expensive I'd never afford another trip again anyway.

I always like to try feijoada because its traditional, and, just because I can, have some guy whack off the top of a coconut with a machete so I can drink the milk out with a straw. The green ones have way more coconut milk than the brown furry ones you buy at the grocery store. Brazil , food , travel. I wanted to do this post because travel to Brasil from Chile is fairly common in the expat community, as well as for study-abroaders Unfortunately, the information is not easily found online and communicating with the consulate in Santiago can be somewhat complicated, so from now on hopefully I can just link to this post and not have to retype or rely on my memory.

Do this the day before, as waiting for stores to open the morning you go to the consulate will set you back in line. They requested NOT to black out the numbers. Put 56 before it and include the 2 to call from Skype. However, I have never had anyone pick up when I press the number for English, and when I call in Spanish they haven't always known what to tell me United States citizens need.

You will need to take these things to the Brazilian Consulate in Santiago, located at Los Militares. Enrique Mac Iver , 15th Floor. They only will accept visa applications between However, there is usually a long line, and sometimes not everybody will get in even though you are on time because they only process a certain amount of tourist visas each day. I recommend you get there before 9: It'll probably be better off in the end to spend at least that extra hour waiting before they open than more than that, or possibly not get attended at all, if you show up later. When you get to the 15th floor, people form one long line regardless of the type of paperwork you need done.

When the office opens, they begin allowing people in the office and giving them a number. There is more waiting inside until your number is called, and there are various counters that do different types of processes, so once in a while they will call people in out of their spot in the original line if a particular counter is free, for instance asking if there are any Brazilian citizens that need paperwork done or signed. You will need to give them all the above requirements. They'll give you a bank deposit form which you need to take to the BCI around the corner, pay, and return to the consulate immediately with the payment receipt.

You do not need to wait in line after going to the bank, simply knock on the door, and wait near the counter of the person who processed your application until s he frees up for a second. The consulate will give you a slip and keep your passport for usually 7 days they will tell you an exact date of when to pick it up. When you come back to pick it up, you will go to the same place, wait in the same line, though when your number is called it is a very fast exchange of your slip for the passport and that's it. The new tourist visas for American citizens are valid for 10 years.

It is still valid if your passport expires within that time; you just need to travel with the old and new passport in order to show the visa. Learn from my mistaken visits and do it right the first time! Did I forget anything important? Has something changed since I wrote this? Please leave a comment for future readers. Posted by lydia at 8: Brazil , bureaucracy , visa. Thursday, February 2, Festival de las Artes This past weekend was the " Festival de las Artes " that I had promoted in a past post.

This festival seems to be the evolution of what used to be called "Carnivales Culturales," without the massive parade and concerts. Although these two aspects are definitely missed, this festival does include a ton of interesting and varied events. This year I had my schedule mapped out well ahead of time. In some cases I was very pleased with what I saw, though others were not quite as I had hoped. One of the things I felt a little let down with were the "Invasion Callejera" events.

There were 6 of them on the schedule, however what I didn't realize that instead of six completely separate events, this was six chapters of the same piece, Ser. There were some great costumes, dances, etc.. Though visually appealing, I was not especially drawn into the story. By the end of the second event, it had a weird, dream-sequence vibe, though I wasn't drawn in enough to keep attending the other chapters given that the visual part wasn't changing much.

I would have preferred to see a variety of artists and talents that normally form part of the scope of the Invasion Callejera events. A little boy looks as if he is checking to see if Judas is real. Tug of war before the burning of Judas in the Plaza Waddington. He only slept from 5. Since it was the day to fill my medicines up for the week it as almost 7.

I was roughly up to date by 8. As soon as 9.

However when I got back there was a man dusting the front window already. Personally I think they suspect him and if it comes to that so do I.

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After all, I never saw the burglar. The male left to speak to my neighbours leaving the female Inspector behind. Someone or other was there most of the morning so it was late before we were able to get out. They had no forms in the office in Holywell so they were going to arrange for one to come to me direct.

I got some money from the bank the legal way and we went for lunch in town. She still mentioned nothing and I was amazed. As we parked up two of my neighbours came up to chat then once in the hose two more visited in turn. One is going away and wanted to give me a kiss and a hug, the other, Bert, came to talk to us about the visit the police had made to him. Someone was coming at 4. I went through to the lounge about 3. I did revive for the visit to fit the alarms though.

Mike and I had an antiques show and then some quizzes before I wen to get a shower at 7. Mike had one after me and it was back to the quizzes again and a programme about a brewery. As usual at 9. During this batch I had a man who knows more about my life, especially my future, than I do and wants me to ask him for help. If he knows something really important why not tell me when he wrote? He could have saved a lot of faffing about. I received a very small groan. There was still no movement though so at half past I called out that the coffee was getting cold.

The reaction was better but it was still a couple of minutes before I heard him go to the lounge. I finished up where I was and joined him or what there was of him because at that point he was definitely not all there. We were out of the house at 8. All of them seemed to be the channel sewn ones and Mike is adamant that it would be better to have the square sewn which keep the filling in place much better.

Shopping done we were heading out of the store when Mike, who had just bought me a phrenology bust, also tried to pay for my cigarettes which resulted in a tussle at the till to the amusement of the staff. We headed for Flint where I checked out some more bedding shops and also got some chocolates before we went for a coffee. We knew Ceri was still off so Trudy and Sian got our attention today.

Very nice they were. At home we unpacked and Mike defrosted the freezer with an axe and put the stuff away which had conveniently landed by his foot. I came away, picked up some chocolates and we left for The Ivy. Tariq was actually in the carpark when we arrived putting new posts up so we had a chat before going in to see everyone. Angie made us drinks and introduced us to a young man who is working as a waiter. The conversation got round to the burglary and we had to recount the comedy for them all.

We were home about 3. I made it with ten minutes to spare. It was during our viewing that the adverts came on and I saw someone using a tablet. I immediately wondered how much charge was on mine and went to pick it up. I had my meds, avoided breakfast and took a drink back to my room to carry on working. I was almost nicely up to date by 9. I put the water on to boil and by the time he came through a coffee was ready. Id been a little worried yesterday when Mike complained of a pain running down his arm.

I got the ladders out and with a toss of his double-headed coin Mike decided he was going up in the loft. I could do the passing. Then it came to opening the flatpack shelves. What I expected to be fairly easy was anything but and because of the size. One very uncomfortable feeling of numbness down my right arm and one wonderful angina attack later we were done and the new shelves were in place.

Back up went the Pratchetts and soon my books from the second loft can come down to join them. My Grishams, my Harlan Cobens and other treats I hope are there. He was still at the car before me. No fighting for our seats anyway. Angie seemed pleased to see us and started making our drinks straight away. Everytime he passed, he asked. These are the bookshelves which gave Mike the idea for his.

Mike is looking forward to getting his considerable dragon collection on display soon. My shelves are far more prosaic as befits an adult……….. After a relaxed lunch much of which I had a headache during we headed home again. Mike knew I was itching to get to work. Then I stayed and kept him company through a couple of programmes.

We were watching an old episode of MASH when his phone went off. It was his sister saying his Dad is ill and she was calling an ambulance. Mike had to go. I just asked him to take care and not race there. Hugs to you all. It seems it was 1. I was really sad and not wanting the others to nibble on him I went to get a net to remove the corpse. When I got back, no corpse. I was freaked until I saw him in a different corner acting completely normally. Annoying little so and so. I had toast this morning after my meds and then took a coffee back as usual.

I was practically dry when I got back in. I would have been fully dry had I not stopped when Gwyneth wanted to talk about the weather. Back in the house I risked a text and eventually got the response that Dad was still in for observations and that Mike might be back here after visiting this evening. Firstly let me say it was from China and therefore not overly expensive, and also let me say that the artist really made the face instantly recognisable.

It was very well done. I closed the loft and put away the ladders. I was out of breath. Lucky for me I did more listening than talking. The minute that was over I washed my fork and went to start putting the books on the shelves. Much better now and the lighter choice of colour makes the room look bigger. I did some more emails to keep on top of it and went through for forty winks.

The last one of these I had was more graphic than the most explicit novel. In the sin bin it went and I carried on. It had been raining but mercifully that had eased but it was quite cool. The bus arrived shortly after I did so the wait was nothing and we set off pretty much straight away too. These buses are rejects from an Irish company before coming here.

Anyway I arrived safely and walked to a shop to find a thick black marker pen Yvonne had asked for. Looking round I also found a wooden penny whistle in the shape of a caterpillar that Reuben can annoy everyone with when he learns to blow. Reuben saw me come in and his little face broke out in a smile. Sitting in the lounge with my cuppa Yvonne told him to walk to me. Holding her hand for support he started in my direction then taking my hand, finished the journey. A knock on the knee with the toy he was carrying set the tone of the day.

I lifted him up on my lap and my glasses almost went. In has case the hand is almost quicker than the eye. Later on at lunch we had bangers and mash. He was fine with the sausages but no sooner had the mash gone in than it was out again. I think he was starting to get tired, I know I was. The minute we were out of the door he was asleep. I missed my 3. We were part of the way home and the quick bus from 4. I was there till 8. He arrived at 9. An extra two minutes is what I get despite being half an hour later to bed, or to sleep at least. Still at least it meant I could be finished or close to by the time Mike gets up.

By all the heavens, it looks like Burkino Faso is awake this morning, or at least all the bank managers with millions of deceased customers money are. Three separate messages, three different names who all call me Dear want to make me rich again. I put a little food in and backed away. No way was I going to turn round and just walk away that close to the tank. It was too early to worry about Mike yet. Toast eaten, I took my apres-food tabs with my coffee and then took the drink through to restart the mail.

At just gone 8. I broke off from what I was doing o make his first coffee and then came back to finish the last few before going to sit with him. I excused myself and went to get dressed. A couple of minutes later Mike headed in the direction of his room to do the same. When I say some months, it could have been as far back as last January knowing me. It was in one of the drawers of the coffee table. This was the first of three pictures I wanted up on the wall that I had a gap for. I asked Mike to help me look through some discs to find two other suitable pictures.

It took some time but in the end we chose for some reason a picture of my father standing with a friend I have no idea who and a picture of my paternal grandparents which we cropped from a picture showing three couples together. Knowing how shaky my hands are Mike took over the trimming and placed all the pictures in the frames.

There were only a couple of customers in so our seats were free. The awful weather must have brought them in. The rest of the seats filled up quickly. From that point on his feet never touched the ground. Mike was even helping to deliver the food she cooked until ours arrived. When we finished eating we carried our dishes through to the kitchen and cleaned the table for whoever came after us.

Things seemed to be easing a bit but Mike still carried on tidying up. Eventually we were able to say our goodbyes and come home. Mind you, at one point I almost pushed him off the ladder. I received an email saying Julia Bonner has retweeted a tweet of yours. I staggered through to the lounge and gripped the ladders which were on a laminate surface so it moved across the floor with Mike aboard.

Yahtzee came first and I started to think I had the equivalent of Yahtzee B. Matt started so well with each of his first 7 calls scoring.

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It became a race between Matt and I and then trailing behind, between Dil and Mike. At the end of the game Matt was one point ahead of me and way behind us, Mike was one point ahead of Dil. When I realised, I was almost at panic stations. No time for breakfast today, I rammed my meds down, snatched my coffee off the machine and legged it back to my room.

Before I dared look at emails I did my banking , making sure I could eat for another week without gnawing on the carpet and checked when my next pension is due.

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Convinced I can survive another week I finally opened both my email boxes. Ouch, one hundred and flipping thirty seven times. I started in on it. I went and made his coffee anyway and then came and got dressed. The numbers had gone right down when Mike was ready to go out so I was able to close down and get my coat on. The day was dismal again but not as bad as it has been. He knew the place and we pulled into a parking spot. It was then we saw a sign saying the places were reserved for users of Wrexham Shopmobility. Then I was given a four wheel motorised monster to take me round the shops.

It did however have quite a turn of speed when turned up so I could get away from Mike if he threatened me. We had a look round a few shops and made a few purchases. It was great that there was a large bag attached to the back as well as a basket at the front. It was hard to remember to take the contents of the bag into consideration when backing up. Some dented loorolls now. We enjoyed a passable lunch and then started on some more shops as part of this expedition. After a while we stopped for a cuppa and the sun started to come out. We took a leisurely walk and roll back to return the scooter and set off home.

Then I came through to assess the damage. By the time 6. We watched 2 quizzes , 2 episodes of M. Happy 1st Birthday Reuben. Still OK today at 4. It was just before 6. It sounded bad so I almost ran there. Not a flicker, still sleeping and obviously dreaming, meanwhile my heart was going like the clappers. I almost woke him out of spite but I was still enjoying the peace and quiet too much. Odd though, at 7. I got him to acknowledge the coffee was there and then left to collect my drink to take to the bedroom to carry on working. This second call more of a revenge screech really actually moved him because a minute or two later I heard him moving about.

I was quickly finished with the emails apart from 3 that required longer answers so I got washed and dressed and was able to join him in the lounge. We were actually leaving the house before 7. My gast was flabbered. Some micro meals, bread, milk and some yoghurts. We were out of there just after 9.

Building Societies where he has his account are different. He got the change he needed and we drove round towards Temptations, first going to Homies to get some chocolates to take in. Sian was on the counter when we went in so he had someone else to occupy his thoughts while I ordered the drinks and handed over the chocolates and the money.

Then it was my turn to nip to the loo while Mike drooled over Sian and carried the drinks to the table. It was a nice interlude. We drove home and unpacked the shopping. I made Mike a coffee while I sorted the tablet container for the next week and then went on the computer. I was fairly certain Mike would be leaving soon. Instead time just carried on until about midday he came through to see what I wanted to do. It was nice and we were able to tease and insult Tariq today without the recent crowds. Mike decided to have the foot long hot dog and I went for some bacon sandwiches and a bucket of chips big mistake.

We both struggled to finish lunch. Mike left not long after that. I came through to work about 2. Back in at 5. I only saw the first and then zonked for an hour. I made a 5. I started on the mail and one of the first was a direct tweet to me. I certainly got it! I took a break at 7. I put two pieces of crusty bread in the toaster then took all the rubbish bins and bags out. Came back, washed my hands, lit a cigarette and when I was halfway through I pressed the toaster to start.

At the same time I set the machine to give me a cup of Columbian coffee. For lunch I had a lamb hot pot. They claimed on the box it feeds one. I followed it up with a piece of lemon meringue pie. That proved a disappointment too. I will admit there was nothing wrong with the taste though. Bottom lip protruding I washed the pots and then went back to bring my mail up to date.

It was a bit of a shock therefore when the door opened and in he walked at 4. He was already well on his way when he texted me. I finished the message I was doing and went through to make him a coffee. While he drank he told me how nice the weather had been this morning and how well he and Anton had done at the car boot. They took a lot less home than they started with. Also, Anton had showed him a different route to get here which he thinks will shave a bit off his time.

We watched a bit of TV till 6. As soon as 7. I read until about 1. It was very vivid.

P:TL Fanfic - "The Return" by Kethrineth

What else is a little odd about last night is that I woke at 5. It being Sunday, very dark and grim with the rain from Hurricane Bertha, gifted to us by those kind Americans, bouncing off the pavements, I knew not to expect Michael up anytime yet. I answered those messages that required it and made comments where necessary on my blog and others and amazingly was done by 8. Truth to be told I felt tired so decided to go and nod off in my chair again. It turned out to be more a case of resting my eyes than sleeping so I was still awake when Shock, Horror, Mike walked into the room under his own steam at about 9.

He listed problems with the world, laid the blame where he wanted it and did everything in a raised voice. Perhaps he thought my quietness today was as a result of him flying off the handle. Neither was he it seems. I decided to give it a go and returned to my room, but first, EBAY. I found something I thought Mike would enjoy and called him to see it expecting him to look and go. He made space on the edge of my bed and stayed so by the time it came to dress ready to go out for lunch he was still there and so was all my mail.

We set off for lunch at The weather was obviously good for The Ivy as the car park was well used. Luckily though our favourite table was free. Shella was cooking and Tariq was helping her as well as helping Angie wait on tables and make drinks. Their very pretty daughter Amber was helping in the kitchen area too. Angie made our drinks while Mike and I decided on food. Mike , pork, leek and chilli sausages, mash and peas with an apple and chutney dressing and gravy. Coward , pork sausages, mash and peas. Dinner was lovely but there was no chance to chat to anyone today Tariq being so busy especially.

I paid the bill and we prepare to leave. Tariq came flying out to help us transport the load to the car and even I did my bit, carrying the head part of the coffin which should go in the boot. Everything went in with the roof up. Tariq gave us hugs and we left. I had some toast and a tiny portion of BFG which I shall be forced yet again to finish on my own and then watched antique shows until 8.

I worked until almost 6. The fish would have to take a chance on me not being too long. They were lucky, I was up again at 7. Having to eat the whole thing myself, I thought I might have some for tea. Still, I have broad shoulders and can take up this load. I brought my coffee back to the bedroom and played catch up with the mail again. I made such headway I even managed to play with a couple of pictures to send to my niece being very careful this time not to send anything that would make her cry. Her boss would find it odd when she leaves crying on a Friday and returns crying on a Monday.

When playtime was over I went back to work. She was coming at about I managed the mail anyway. She arrived almost on time, just fashionably late perhaps by ten minutes. My nieces will be there too and may protect me.

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  • We had a good old chin wag as we both worked for the same authority and know people in common. Lis left me at midday and I decided to have lunch and watch my antique programme. See, I still managed my meat and two veg. A good move as the winner is the one who makes the most profit or loses the least. One made a small profit and the other wiped her face. Sometimes the experts are atrocious including one I understand has now been shipped off to the U. That causes much hilarity over here. TV over I returned to work for the afternoon.

    Taking things easy until at 3. I watched quizzes then until, 6. For the children they often need to get answers as to whether they were deserted and unloved while the parents want to know how the children they had to give up have fared. I had my tissues at the ready. But as is often the case the gods decided to have a chuckle.

    In both instances the reunions were touching and the answers satisfactory to the children. There was a ton of mail waiting as though the post van had watched for me disappearing before dumping a sack load. I decided to conduct a survey of all the occupants temporary and otherwise to see how long it takes them to become fully awake and functioning after waking up. The fish I had to interview en masse as they were all waiting at 6. I wonder if the fish wrote that.

    Michael was the last to be interviewed and all I got was a couple of grunts. So much for the intelligent species. I actually did well this morning and had the post cleared for 6. I even had time to write a piece on the new blog about Robin Williams, another tortured comedian to go far too early. The same age as me in fact. I can take my food tablets then.

    So, I just shoveled the normal meds down and took my coffee through. I got dressed for the weather since the internet and my phone app both show Chester and here as having a bright but showery day with heavier outbreaks this afternoon. I got as far as the crossing and who should stop to let me cross but my bus. As soon as I was over it shot off and carried on uphill to the stop. He sees me take the bus almost weekly? A bloody long way was my answer. We met up at 9. He knows a victim when he sees one.

    I drew the short straw and had to hold him while Yvonne went to order. Then toast and jam arrived and you could hear a pin drop. I enjoyed mine but of course totally forgot about tablets. We moved on from the cafe to see if we could find something for me to give Reuben to unwrap on his birthday.

    He has some nice coloured trousers I got a few weeks ago so Yvonne suggested a top in complimentary colours. I agreed so we went to look. Naturally today there was every colour but or his size was missing. That seemed to take a while so it was lunch time when we got out. By the door there was a man with a bucket on which was written abandoned dogs. I should do him under the trades descriptions act. Today we found it had reopened under new ownership and decided to give it a try.

    Very spacious inside and with a very helpful member of staff who took our order for drinks to give us time with the menu. When he came back decisions had been made.

    Ok then, Yvonne will have the prawn wrap on wholemeal , side salad and an order of chips. I will have the beef sandwich with a side salad and chips, hold the horseradish but yes to onions and mustard. He came back twice to check whether Yvonne wanted white or wholemeal, we were the only customers and he forgot!

    But the beef was glorious, so thickly cut and succulent all it needed was a little salt. We left there and went to pick some milk for Reuben and intended to go our separate ways then. In the end all I got was a teeshirt for Mike. We hugged and Yvonne headed off to change for work. Reuben was looking a bit bewildered and waving to me as they left. Gritting my teeth I faced the crowds and headed for the bus station to catch an alternative. I only had to wait 20 minutes. As it was the bust that took the longer route it took an hour and twenty minutes to get me home.

    And a little girl and mum got on. The mother parked the pushchair just in front of me in the space available. Straight back in here to attack the other or so messages with more coming in all the time. It was a 3. I worked all morning to lunchtime at midday and had some TV treats till 1.

    Again I started work and was kept going until 4.

    See a Problem?

    The card sharps arrived at 5. Then started the games. First blood to me and the second game to Matt with me being placed third. Oh the shame of it. Nomination next which Dil won easily with me languishing in third again.

    Marissa and the Witching Hour (Marissa's Second Sight)

    They went home grinning. Wash up, tidy up. I paid a visit to the loo and decided to sit this morning as my hand was shaking a bit. I had to decide whether to face the fish early or to take a more leisurely approach. I went to take my food tabs and prepare for toast and coffee then took the rest of my morning meds.

    All I caught were three burned fingers. At least it was hot enough to melt the butter nicely. I bit into it, or maybe I should say I tried. The crust was like rock and I nearly lost my remaining tooth. I had to go all dainty and find the chain saw to take the crusts off. What remained was small but perfect. I swallowed the after meal tabs and took my drink to the lounge where I wriggled a comfortable place on the cushion with my bottom, drank my coffee, closed my eyes and nodded off. I recovered consciousness at 7.

    Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. When Marissa May is walking home from school late after a detention she meets someone, or maybe something, in a fog covered London park that will change her life forever. Marissa discovers that she has a rare ability to communicate with ghosts and Arthur, a ghost from nearby Hampton Court Palace, needs her help.

    But soon Marissa's powers bring her face to face with a young witch who is anything but friendly, and things go from bad to worse as the new theme park at Hampton Court Palace takes on a sinister dimension. School kids throughout London are given free virtual reality masks by the new theme park, but it turns out the masks are more than just a video game. As Halloween approaches, the city of London descends into chaos, and it seems Marissa and her new friends are the only ones who can stop the mayhem.

    Kindle Edition , pages. Published first published April 4th