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The Privilege of Youth by Dave Pelzer. Dave Pelzer's of Youth. The Inspirational Story of a Teenager's Search for Friendship and Acceptance.
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Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. One Child's Courage to Survive. A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness. Surviving a Childhood of Abuse. Dave Pelzer Set 4 Books. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? A true story of a young girl who was sold as a sex slave. The book is a rare look inside the world of sex trafficking and into the soul of the abused. Wings is the inspirational true story of Sunny Angel who survived abuse at the hands of a manipulative predator and came to terms with her past.

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How could a young child survive all this? Michael Joseph Ltd; 1st edition January 15, Language: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. We learn about some of the major influences that help shape Dave's life and various role models who help steer him towards a grounded life.

If you are interested in learning more anecdotal incidents about Dave after reading his first 2 books- this is an ok choice. Otherwise, stick with 'A man named Dave' and you will be rewarded with a fascinating memoir of this extra-ordinary fellow named 'Dave', a man who took adversity and extreme hardship and turned it into love, gain and inspiration.

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The Privilege of Youth by Dave Pelzer |

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I had trouble reading the first one due to the horrible circumstances for this poor child but I made it through. I had to buy the next 2 and have just finished all 3 today. It would be interesting to see the relationship between his whole family since he is an adult now, does he forgive his mother for the abuse?

Does he blame his father for abandoning him? These types of answers would create a story plot which would make the story a bit more interesting. May 08, Michelle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I would the other 3 in his series. In The Privilege of Youth, he shares the missing chapter of his life: With sensitivity and insight, he recounts the relentless taunting he endured from bullies; bu I am currently reading The Privilage Of Youth by Dave Pelzer. With sensitivity and insight, he recounts the relentless taunting he endured from bullies; but he also describes the thrill of making his first real friends-some of whom he still shares close relationships with today.

From high school to a world beyond the four walls that were his prison for so many years, The Privilege of Youth bravely and compassionately charts this crucial turning point in Dave Pelzer's life and will inspire a whole new generation of readers. Jan 27, Mery rated it it was amazing. Ini buku ke empatnya Dave Pelzer: Waktu di buku 3 kan memang sudah berakhir, dan di buku 4 ini flashback ke masa2 Dave berusia 17tahunan.

Sekali lagi sosok muda Dave buat aku kagum.

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Dec 20, Erika rated it it was ok. It sounded like the author just threw it together while he was on the road and doing other things. Almost like it was obligatory. The only sections that were truly exciting were those where he described his daredevil stunts in slow-motion. There were a few of these, and that is where this author shines. Jan 10, Angie rated it it was amazing. If you have read any of Dave Pelzers books, you will want to read them all. You will feel attached to him immediately and have to know what became of him.

This book answers more questions. Read the books in order. Mar 22, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Mar 30, Lisa Oleary rated it it was amazing Shelves: I feel that I now know everything there is to know about Dave Pelzer's life. I have read every book he has ever written and I find all of them equally as fascinating. Apr 17, Heidi rated it it was amazing. Shocking and confronting as are all his books. However, you can't help but feel happy after reading it. Feb 21, Allyson Maclay rated it really liked it Shelves: It was really enjoyable to see how a few people can really change the way someone views life.

Nov 03, Love rated it it was amazing. I have read all Dave Pelzers books and liked them all. To see the effects on a life from that kind of abuse. Feb 02, Chy rated it liked it. There are the usual antics he and his friends get into and there are some great people to get to know in the land of adults. Or, at least, he wants to be. I kept looking for the preaching in the book and I think that searching devalued my experience. Was I taken back in time? Did I see the community, the people and even the cars in the driveways clearly?

Perfect for the situation. Characters Portrayal of the People: Or the close friendship of David Howard. Or, for a boy who really missed his father, the nurturing of Dan Brazell. I really did feel like I got to know them as Pelzer knew them growing up. It is a random smattering of events and even as a coming-of-age story, it lacks any real sense of progression—beginning, middle, or end. Now, that was a part of the story—a small part. I need a purpose. Or else, I would prefer to go socialize for real, allowing a person to get to know me as I got to know them. And both were autobiographical.

Is this really supposed to be…motivational?

An Inspiring Friendship

Mar 08, Michelle Wong rated it liked it. Have you ever faced hunger when there is food in the refrigerator? Loneliness when you even have a family?

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Or even homeless when you do have a home? Well Dave Pelzer had faced through that horrible, unpleasant moments every single day he woke up in the garage with the newspaper twisted in his body because he did not have a blanket. Because his dramatic and diavolic mother considered Dave no longer as a son, but as an slave, an object, an nothing.

The Privilege of Youth: A Teenager's Story

Dave had lived in a large amount foster care home Have you ever faced hunger when there is food in the refrigerator? Dave had lived in a large amount foster care homes. Dave is bulled at his neighborhoods and at school, every time he looked up he felt like a huge basketball sphere was thrown at his face and that would explode. In my opinion this book is a great book, one of those books where you learn a lot by reading it, those books when you read them you start realizing how the world really is.

Dave Pelzer is a teenager who has been in the foster care home since he was twelve years old. He was rescued from his evil and alcoholic mother who mentally and physically abused, tortured and almost killed him.

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He moved to a new neighborhood and met very nice people, people who changed his life dramatically; He met Dan, his foster father who always encourage him and gave him plenty of advices. Dave admired Dan from who he was, and how Dan treated him as his own son.

Later he met David and Paul, two teenagers who became his best friends, two young kids who shared their life and adventures with Dave. Dave was worried, terrified of when he was going to turn eighteen because by that age he cut off in the foster care program; and then he would be all on his own. And in order to not to starve a single night again, he worked full time in many jobs.

He dropped high school in order to keep working and save enough money to know what his next meal is going to be. People might not have the same opinion of this book, and maybe even in Dave's decision because he was really silly to drop school in order to keep his job. It might have been a good decision to work but not to drop the high school, your education; because nowadays school is very important for their futures and goals.

The Privilege of Youth

Having a degree in college now matters a lot to find a good and stable job. I admire Dave Pelzer because of his strength of overcoming his horrible past and the power to publish his auto biological book. I really recommend "The Privilege of Youth" because it makes you value on what you have and never look back and hide. Dec 05, Aimee O'Donnell rated it really liked it. This is based off of a true story and an experience that Dave went through as a young child.

The purpose of this story was to inform the readers about his horrific childhood, and what it was like to be beaten so young and horribly by his own mother.

A Teenager’s Story of Longing for Acceptance and Friendship

Not only does he tell the story from his past childhood, but he also explains where he ended up after he was saved and where he is now. Dave wanted to let everyone know that things do eventually get better and no child or human deserves to be beaten. The theme of this book is even if your doing it on your own, keep doing it because eventually you will realize that everything that happened in the past, can only make you stronger. For Dave, even after he had been beaten almost to death by his mother and was saved, he continued life with a smile on his face and it made him the person he is today.

Dave expressed this throughout the whole book. The style of this book is narration because Dave is telling a story about his life and the experience he had to go through. This story is written strictly in first person, all told by Dave. Just like Pelzer's other series to this novel, he tells the story in all of them and makes it very clear in each book about what he wanted to inform his readers. In my opinion, I thought this was a pretty good book.

I am not really into sad and depressing novels such as this one, however I found this particular book of the whole series the most interesting. Not only does Dave constantly repeat about his terrible past in this novel, but you also get to find out where he went after he was saved from his mother who was an alcoholic, where he went after foster care, and where he is now.

Dave tells us how hard it was to accept people into his life again after being treated so poorly. I find this a very inspiring story, because it really made me think about how hard it would be to have to live with something like that for the rest of your life.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who has read the series. May 11, Hailee added it. In the book Pelzer describes the life of a teenager who has gone from foster home to foster home. The teen in the book has had some hard times and a very different life than most teens. I think that Pelzer wanted the reader to see a different outlook on life, and he accomplished that. I think that the theme of this book is that life will get better at some point, that once you hit rock bottom the only place you can go is up.

Pelzer had a hard life, and in this book he describes the first real friends he made. He hit rock bottom, and then his life got a little better. Yes there was still tough and bad times, but he had friends with him to help him through it. This book is a description. Pelzer describes his life as a teenager.

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Him making friends, him facing bullies, and all other sorts of things. He is telling the reader his look on his teenage life and all the things that happened to him in his high school years. He describes himself as he turns from a teenager to an adult. I was expecting this book to be boring, since it is non-fiction. Surprisingly, I did enjoy this book. I have never read a book like it since I rarely read non-fiction. I think that part of the reason I enjoyed this book was because that if I had not known it was non-fiction, I would have mistaken it for a fiction book.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone that would like to see a different type of lifestyle and different hardships than their own. Nov 28, Dani Sakach rated it really liked it. The Privilege of Youth: Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Privilege of Youth: A Teenager's Story of Longing for Acceptance and Friendship Dave Pelzer's biographical account tells of his teen years as an abused child placed into foster care in California in the 's.

Currently working at an exhausting pace to spread his message of hope and triumph as a public speaker crossing the country for weeks at a time he recounts the events of his teen years that changed the course of his life. He was rescued in from a childhood home fraught with abuse, starvation, torture and neglect at the hands of his mother; deemed the third worst case of child abuse on record in California up to that time.