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New Jersey is still home for returning Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Suresh We see it in their adaptability problems, how to get on to survival.
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Chennai Expat Guide

Your colleagues will all speak English to varying degrees. Some people that have moved from rural parts of the State may have a hard time understanding your accent, but are otherwise able to communicate in English fine.

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Outside the office, people such as taxi drivers, waiters, delivery boys, shop assistants etc. Living in Chennai is going to be a roller coaster ride from the moment you made the decision to move to the moment you leave. The Chennai Expat Guide is your essential guide to ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Buy the book today and get it shipped to your door. But for Americans interested in working part-time, there may be ways to utilize an employment visa or business visa.

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However, there are caveats; according to the U. For those who do find a way to retire in India, the financial climate will prove quite welcoming, with some of the lowest expenses in the world.

Your only expat guide to living in India; Feel at home abroad – Fast!

For a one-bedroom apartment, monthly rent averages from Monthly rent for three-bedroom apartments average from 15, Eating out for a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant for two people costs about Meanwhile, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs about A monthly pass on local transport ranges about For benchmarking purposes, a gallon of gasoline costs about The average monthly disposable salary after taxes in India comes to about 31, Although prices vary throughout the country, such low average costs obviously mean the average American has plenty of options when it comes to retiring in India.

These rates fluctuate daily.

Living and Working as an Expat in Singapore

Your Classification Determines Your Options For those interested in retiring in India, regulations for taxation and other matters are applied according to three separate classifications of potential residents. The Visa Route But what about all the other people with no such connections to India? For this group, the best option might be to consider some of the basic types of visa for travel to India: