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Softcover reprint of the hardcover 1st edition This book would not have come into existence without the German. Research Foundation's . España”, Ayer, in the Military in Official commemorations of World War II”, Journal jecting him to strict discipline and authority.2 In contrast, the vol-.
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In the same year, James Gardner designed a similar but slightly more conventional map for Imperial Airways - using the Beck inspired graphics but with much less Bauhaus influence. The atlas uses Bartholomew base maps. Stieler's Atlas of Modern Geography. Haack in Justus Perthes' Geogr. Institute, Haack, H. This edition was a very important revision and was issued in German, French, English, Spanish, and Italian. Alphabetical Index of place names not scanned. Over 43 different draftsmen and engravers are listed on the various sheets.

Windsor Farms, a residential development on the James River at Richmond. Foster - associate Harvard Sq. Windsor Farms, a neighborhood of Richmond Virginia, was one of the first planned communities in the United States after the Radburn community in New Jersey. Shows boundary, easement, and building lines, properties by blocks, lot number, parcel number, ownership of large plots, acreage, and roads.

Includes note and legend. Official paved road and commercial survey of the United States. Sectional road maps covering the entire United States and lower Canada, National Map Company, Indianapolis A series of nine double page "Sectional Paved Road Maps" show the extent of paved, improved and unimproved roads throughout the country in great detail. Illustrating details of major cities, color maps of each state. Also includes a postal airway map, a highway mileage chart, logs of transcontinental federal highways, a transcontinental highway map, population information for U.

Includes a detailed history of aviation from to Shows routes of 24 flight pioneers in color. Philco radio atlas of the world. With 7 color maps: Matthews-Northrup Works, Buffalo, N. Includes table of contents, text, advertisements, and illustrations. Also includes World-Wide airline mileage chart, and tables showing "principal Short - wave stations of the World", and "North American Long - wave stations.

Atlas de L'Afrique du Nord State Farm road atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico, hotel, cabin camp guide. Atlas is bound in green card board printed with title "State farm road atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico. Most maps printed in color. Advertisements, and general index inside front cover. The Histomap of Evolution: Arranged by John B. Copyright, , by John Sparks, edition. Cover title From the flaming planet to modern man: Ten thousand million years of evolution on single page.

The jacket designed by Clark Higginson. Text on back cover: Glossary on the bottom panel. Copyright, , by Remington Rand, Inc.

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Map signed by Kenneth W. Title proper supplied by cataloguer. Map I, The Russian Front. Each map includes text. Shows boundaries, railroads and major cities. Relief shown by landform drawing. Color map, 60x42 on sheet 83x44, folded into self wrapped cover, Shows roads, gas stations, rest areas, cities and towns, distances, etc. In 17 pages, folded into cover 21x9. Includes list of BEA offices, Key maps to domestic and international routes, route lines, and advertisements. De Luxe Map Library. Date estimated from the dating code on several of the maps. Intourist's Pocket Guide to the Soviet Union.

Maps of Moscow and Leningrad. State Publishers for Foreign Trade. Compiled from information to by the U. Depth Curves in Fathoms. Navy Hydrographic Office, Washington, D. A large 12 sheet map of the World showing bathymetric data to as well as major landforms. Also shows major cities, political boundaries, ice limits. Current editions of most of these maps are available at www. People's Republic of China - Atlas. November United States. Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D. Atlas with 82 pages and 22 full color maps. Scale of principal maps 1: Bound in yellow heavy paper covers with title" People's Republic of China - Atlas.

Atlas of Eastern Europe, United States. With one folded color map of Eastern Europe, scale 1;2,, and 19 small maps, with insets, on 2 pages, covering population density, economic activity, land use and historical data, with Gazetteer on verso. Atlas is in two parts in 39 pages, in green spiral bound covers, map bound within, Includes glossary of historical regions, statistical diagrams, agricultural data, location map, and text.

Color maps, with explanatory text, appendices: Index, gazetteer, and legend, and C. Selected bibliography, in two parts: Regions of Middle East. Nations of Middle East. Includes two folded color maps attached to atlas, on 1 sheet, back to back: Glavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii, Moskva Remarkably detailed physical map of the Soviet Union, a classic product of the excellent soviet cartography of the period.

A huge color map, on 32 sheets, each 69x65, and x when joined. Relief shown by gradient tints and spot heights. Depths shown by bathymetric tints and soundings. Over 2, Pictorial Maps added, to Various Authors, Various Places Over 2, pictorial maps have been added to the collection, in the form of separate maps, pocket maps, case maps, atlases, manuscript maps, and wall maps. Pictorial maps are generally described as maps that employ various kinds of illustrations, images and texts that enhance the cartographic message.

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While they seem to have peaked in popularity in the to period, they have antecedents in the 19th century and the form continues today. We will be continuing to add more pictorial maps to the collection, and this link will automatically update with the new materials. S Atlas of Oblique Maps. Or click here to view all 5, new maps and images.

Atlante geografico del regno di Napoli, Rizzi Zannoni, Giovanni Antonio, Naples Rare atlas published by the famous cartographer Rizzi Zannoni during more than 20 years of business in Naples, first as a Geographer of the King and then director of the Topographical Office in Naples in The maps are based on trigonometric survey and represent a new level of accuracy for Italian mapping.

The Cassini projection is used. Title vignette on plate 2. Plates are dated next to the engraver Giuseppe Guerra and despite the indication given in the title , were published between and The atlas consists of 31 plates, each double page. With views of different sailing ships on each plate. Plates are not numbered, the first plate untitled, showing northern Italy, the second and third plates, also on two pages which join to make one map , have titles: M Giuseppe Napoleone I. Parisi costruita da P. The object of the game is to progress from the outer parts of the world in towards the center France by rolling dice and moving each player's piece from circle to circle on the board.

California is shown as an island in the circle. Duval also made a similar game of France. Tooley referred to the map as "Perhaps the most attractive and certainly the most definite representation of California as an island. California is the centre and 'raison de'etre' of the map. Reissued in , , , , The atlas was first issued in with maps engraved by Andre, then reissued in P without Andre or Bonne on the maps, finally reissued in with the maps reengraved by Dien Tooley Dictionary our copy of atlas.

WH has copies of the and atlases.

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It is strange that map 2, the World map, in our copy is an earlier map than the first and second editions of the atlas. Sabin shows many reissues of the edition of the atlas, so there may be more editions and states than these three. The earlier editions of the atlas were accompanied by twenty three tables in the back. Our copy of the text is 12 mo.

Atlas bound in quarter leather with "Raynal. Wheat calls the map "of great interest" in its "display of the concept of Louisiana, and especially Missouri, current in French official circles just before the transfer of the Province to the United States. Bound with half leather boards, the title on the spine. This becomes the Finley Ancient Atlas. Lucas also used many of these maps in his General Atlas of Covers are half leather, marbled paper covered boards.

Includes a timeline map based on Joseph Priestley's timeline.

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See Tooley Mapping Australia for mention of these maps of Australia and Tasmania, though he mis-dated them and did not mention this Atlas as the source of the maps; perhaps they were published separately as well. Unusual Mountains and Rivers Plate facing the title page. See Dower's General Atlas for the same maps, updated. Publication went through ten editions from to This version published in 2 parts then augmented with two further supplementary installments, through Most maps have the year of first edition. This edition compromises 90 sheets, dated , including composite index map , and extraordinarily detailed maps and supplements.

An important document about the road network. Red lithographic stone printing is laid on top of highly detailed black lithographic printing. In 23 parts 20 maps 43x46, a title page with decorative illustrations, sample maps and coat of arms, index sheet, and table placed in cardboard case 54x64, with title "Woerl Atlas der Wuerttemberg.

We do not have all 48 maps but rather 24 in this group and 19 in the Switzerland group although 3 maps appear in both groups, so our net total maps is 39 of Included also are Woerl's maps of Northern Italy. Kriegsstrassen Karte eines Theiles von Russland, , , Schubert, Friedrich Theodor, Wien A rare and important military map covering nearly the whole of European Russia and parts of neighboring countries in great detail, by the famous Russian military cartographer Theodor Friedrich Schubert [Fedor Fedorovic Subert] , here in the Austrian edition published in Wien in three versions, the original first edition , the updated edition, and another version of the map that was hand updated by an owner we presume to about Each sheet has a booklet of text that explains the history of the area covered by the sheet.

An extraordinary group of 63 birds-eye views of the Austrian countryside that all fit together into one very large image we also have the composite image of all 63 joined.

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  7. The views show the cultural landscape of the period in great detail, with settlements, buildings, roads, trees, and other features. Tooley and British Museum list an edition of this atlas, probably the first. This second edition is a late production for Lothian, engraved in the style of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge SDUK , but lithographed, with considerably less detail.

    On first glance the maps appear to be derived or copied lithographically from other maps of the period, but no engraver credit is given and we can not find any source maps. The mountains and rivers plate is unusual - it is a schematic representation that is decidedly "modern" in style. Compiled from Surveys by G. Smith, Rea, Samuel M. Hand colored map mounted on linen with decorative black sticks at top and bottom. A New Universal Atlas containing maps of the various empires, kingdoms, states and republics of the World.

    The edition is very unusual in having 2 sets of maps of the United States, Texas, and California. One of the U. The edition shows early county formations on the California map. And the edition is special in being the last known so far edition of the long atlas run, and includes a double page map of Kansas Territory. Outlines Of The World. Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to His Majesty.

    Cruchley, Mapseller, 81 Fleet Street, London. Addition to Arrowsmith, Aaron Jr. The first edition was issued in the year following the elder Arrowsmith's death in , and dedicated to him. As with the first edition, there is a portrait of A. A set of 60 loose sheets our Pub List Nos. The charts of islands in the Pacific are likely some of the most detailed at the time The charts were also published on thinner paper as Vol. These 60 are not a complete set which consists of unnumbered charts. For more information on the controversial expedition commander Charles Wilkes , the expedition's discoveries, and the resultant publications, see the bibliography of the expedition by Daniel C.

    Many maps include horizontal views of islands as seen from a ship. A later edition was issued in Maps in full color with a few historical and thematic maps at the beginning and end. As a physical atlas it has many interesting maps. Herausgegebenn von Adolf Stieler, berbeitet von Demselben, so wie von F. Stieler's maps are some of the most detailed and sophisticated of the period and many of the maps join to make large composite maps. View all Stieler Atlases in the Collection. Surveyed in , by Captain Tucker; R. Engraved in , under the direction of Captain Yolland, R.

    Hand colored highly detailed, folded to Shows roads, railroad, rivers, telegraph lines, layout of buildings, arched passage, churches. Buildings are colored red for masonry and gray for those of wood or iron construction, with glass buildings shown by cross-hatching.

    The plan is drawn at a scale of five feet to one statute mile, or 60 inches to 1 mile 1: The Plan was published in 21 separate sheets in September and October The sheets show in great detail the built city of York at the time of industrialization in the mid 19th century. The Ordnance Survey mapped about 4, cities and towns in England and Wales at a scale of 1: The quality, accuracy, and design of the maps far exceeds the commercial productions made of cities in the United States by Sanborn, Bromley, and others, although the U.

    Of this set, sheets 5 and 12 are imaged from copies at the National Library of Scotland. Atlas of Australia with all the Gold Regions: Bound in tan olive cloth cover, with gilt-blocked map of Australia, and no title on cover. These maps also appeared in Black's General Atlas of see our Vergleichendes Tableau der bedeutendsten Hoehen der Erde, von Prof. Meilen zu 15 am Grad. Forster, Desjardins, Constant, Wien Rare color charts framed in decorative borders.

    The first showing comparative table of the greatest Mountains and Volcanoes of the world. Extensive table indicating their relative heights with corresponding numbers. The second showing comparative table of the length of the rivers and lakes of the world. The lakes and rivers of the Eastern Hemisphere are shown on the left, with lakes and rivers of the Eastern Hemisphere on the right. Includes notes, and tables indicating correct run of the currents with corresponding numbers. View all the collection's Mountains, Rivers, and Lakes Maps.

    The Physical Geography of the Sea. This copy is the sixth edition, the first being Maury's book was a popular work that went through twelve editions. Maury also made large wind and sea charts of the North Atlantic 15 sheets and the North Pacific 10 sheets. Climatology of the United States, And of the Temperate Latitudes of the North American Continent, Blodget, Lorin , Philadelphia Blodget was one of the first to bring together statistics on climate and put them in visual form on maps.

    His maps made it possible to easily relate climate differences in the United States to place and time. First important work on this subject. Maps uncolored except for climatological information which is shown in red. Cloth covered boards with "Blodget's Climatology of the United States" on spine.

    This book and beautiful map is a promotion for his scheme, which never achieved success during his time, yet was still being promoted well into the twentieth century. The full color map, 64x92, is a stunning example of early chromolithography, and is titled "Carte D'Etude Dressee Par Mr. The book is an inscribed presentation copy from Belly to a "Monsieur Mason. This chart was evidently aboard the ship, Northern Light, an American Clipper ship. Handwritten on the chart are the ship's locations on a round trip from San Francisco - Acapulco March-April, and thence toward Boston in May The ship returned to San Francisco and the following year, , she sailed from San Francisco, California to Boston, Massachusetts via Cape Horn with Captain Freeman Hatch at the helm in a record-setting 76 days, 6 hours.

    The record still stands for a single hull vessel. Another chart in the group is Fielding Lucas's beautiful edition of Chart of the Chesapeake And Delaware Bays , a later edition of the chart of the same name. The maps are engraved in the special style pioneered by Egloffstein see all Egloffstein maps and views. City and County of San Francisco. There is property information and street layouts that appear to be unique to this map, compared to other San Francisco maps of the same period. Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. Board of Ordnance, London , Southampton Dates are estimated.

    Complete set of published maps in Old Series or First Edition. This set is the first systematic survey of England and Wales based on triangulation. It was inspired by the prior Cassini survey of France see our The survey sheets were originally published from to and frequently updated; our sheets range in date from approximately to By all sheets in the Old Series had been completed excepting sheet , Isle of Man and thus our set is one of the first complete sets made up of a mix of map states, with the railroads added, which was started in the 's.

    Of the sheets, 54 were issued as full sheets and the remaining 56 as quarter sheets. Sheets 1 and added to set by us Sheet , Isle of Man, was the last sheet published, after our set was assembled, in Exact dates are frequently ambiguous since old dates were left on in subsequent editions and most editions were not explicitly dated. Our set previously owned by Austrian Archduke Leopold Ludwig and is from his library with his bookmark stamp. The Old Series actually consists of multiple editions or "states" for the map sheets corresponding to various publication dates; many of these states are characterized in detail in the eight-volume set, "The Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales, Scale 1 inch to 1 mile.

    A Reproduction of the Sheets of the Survey in Early State in 8 Volumes", , published by Harry Margary, Lympne Castle, Kent, Our map set has no dates having been previously trimmed with the marginalia so we have used the Margary work and also the March, , Draft page "Provisional Cartobibliography" an untitled followup publication of the The Charles Close Society to research which edition date we have for each sheet and subsequently have written it on the back of each sheet and entered it in the Date field of this catalog.

    The set shows a remarkably large number of Roman roads, camps, sites, roads in detail, railways; relief by hachures with spot heights; rivers and creeks; place names, settlements; geological symbols. From sheets were published in Southampton. Our sheets appear to have been issued just before the general updating of the sheets by electrotyping in the late 's. Some areas are colored on the verso to highlight the areas in a muted style. We think that some type of backlighting was planned to be used to create a photolithographic plate from which printing would be done.

    No evidence was found that it was ever printed. These sheets were de-accessioned from the Santa Fe Railroad collection in the s. Lewis Kingman did the route survey from Albuquerque to Needles. Monographs of the United States Geological Survey, vol. Government printing Office Geological history of Lake Lahontan: Israel Cook , Washington, D.

    Geological history of Lake Lahontan, published in U. Includes maps mostly color , views, diagrams, cross-sections and tables. The Map of Lake Lahontan shows the water area that covered much of the interior of northern Nevada at the end of the last Ice Age. View full text at archive. View Book and Maps. Cartography by Manuel M. Paz, and explanatory text written by Dr.

    Maps are full color. Very rare example of the second atlas ever dedicated to Colombia. Ordnance Survey of Scotland: This set is the second edition, produced from first national revision of Edward Stanford assembled the sheets into three bound volumes with title page, index, and extensive and beautiful coloring. Fair Isle was not revised, and thus sheet was not issued in this edition, but is present, as a first edition sheet. A national revision of was published in , as second edition, while a further revision of , published , was known as the 'Third Edition.

    This edition bound in 3 volumes, each with index map mounted inside front cover. The coloring has green for parks and estates, blue for inland water and coasts, red for buff roads and railways, and different pastel colors for county boundaries. Geological Survey of Great Britain. A total of sheets were published through Our current set has sheets; we have put online the missing 47 sheets with images from the collection of the British Geological Survey, although we will be replacing those over time as we acquire the missing sheets.

    The geological coloring of these maps was done by hand painting well into the 20th century - at a time when most geological maps were produced by color lithography. The resulting color is rich and produces images of great scientific and artistic clarity. Henry Gannett, Chief of Division. Geological Survey ; Walcott, Charles D. Maps show the extent of U. Forest Reserves at the end of the 19th century. Includes xi pages, 39 maps. B, Ayers, pages Classification of Lands, by Henry Gannett and others, pages Woodland of Indian Territory, by C.

    View Report and Maps. Ein atlas von 39 karten, die physikalischen verhaltnisse und die verkehrs-strassen darstellend, mit einer erlauternden einleitung und als beilage zum segelhandbuch fur den Atlantischen Ozean. The atlas is an analysis of the Atlantic Ocean, showing specific weight of sea water, ocean currents, water temperature at various depths and seasons, air temperature and pressure above the ocean, frequency of winds and storms by season.

    With vi, 9, pages of contents, forward by Dr. England and Wales; Scotland; each with separate index maps for each area. First edition, outline edition, published Several sheets extended to include small adjacent areas. Ordnance Survey, Dublin Published on 16 sheets. Outline edition with blue coastal tint and main roads brown.

    This set has trimmed margins and each sheet is dissected into ten panels and mounted on linen by bookseller Edward Stanford. Presented folded with covers on back of each sheet. Crisp clean set, virtually unused. Shows individual buildings in rural areas but no relief. Department of the Interior, Canada. Honorable Frank Oliver, Minister, Atlas of Canada with Department of the Interior Canada.

    Revised and enlarged edition. White, James; Chalifour, J. Department of Interior, Ottowa The first edition and the second edition. The Atlas of Canada, first edition published by the Department of the Interior in , was one of the world's first national atlases. A second edition similar in style and content was published in , both editions, featuring thematic maps dealing with Canada's geology, communications, natural resources, population, economic activities, transportation, as well as maps of principal cities.

    During this period, a major part of Canada's growth was due to the great influx of immigrants into Canada, many of them coming to open up the farmlands of the Prairies. Consequently, the first two editions of the Atlas of Canada reflect a particular interest in transportation and communications and devote a significant amount of space to mapping the composition and density of the population. Complete in One Volume, Baist, G. Full color key is explained in legends on plates.

    Baist first published the Los Angeles atlas in with 26 maps plus index; subsequent editions appeared in 34 maps plus index , 44 maps plus index , this copy, 49 maps plus index and 49 maps plus index. The period after World War I was a time of real estate expansion and development, hence the many updates in this edition. The edition is the first edition to include the five San Fernando Valley maps. Has blue coastal tint and main roads red. Includes mileages, railways and stations, and county boundaries.

    Each map is folded not dissected into 32 panels and mounted on linen. Ordnance Survey of England and Wales. Legend on each sheet. Relief shown by contours. Quarter-inch to One Mile. Third Edition, Great Britain. Ordnance Survey, Southampton Map sheets are undissected but mounted on linen and folded into 32 panels. The sheets in this set have publication dates of and reprint dates for some of , see Note on each sheet.

    Relief shown in attractive hypsometric tinting; contour intervals differ above 1, feet elevation. Many cultural and natural features shown. Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. Paullin, Carnegie Institution of Washington. Edited by John K. This is one of the best historical atlases published in the early 20th century. It combines history and geography, facsimile historical maps and new historical maps, and incorporates time and statistics in imaginative map visualizations.

    The text and maps are based upon information supplied by prominent authorities on the various subjects. The quality of the contents is also reflected by the authoritative map publishers. Numerous facsimile maps are included. All text pages are shown in one large composite image. California Highway Transportation Survey, California Division of Highways, Sacramento A fascinating group of transportation maps showing traffic at the state, county, and city levels in the early 's in California. Primary report of pages softbound but in rigid library binding. Appendix B in same format. Atlas issued as Appendix A.

    There is no title page. He thinks the original issue was very small. Bancroft has no copies, but does have a copy of Thomas Bros. Atlas of Western Cities and Towns no date but library note says acquired in which duplicates some of this atlas's material smaller S. Lennon said this atlas was "a put together thing by George Thomas. Maps are printed with and without color. Bound with three illustrated promotional pamphlets advertising various scenic areas of California. Includes a large six sheet map of Los Angeles in full color. The map centered on Europe shows naval bases; cities blitzed by Nazis Luftwaffe; industries bombed by R.

    F; countries under British control; countries conquered by the Nazis; neutral countries. Both maps are from the collection of John Oram. This report is prepared as a aerial photographic guide to the recognized and unimportant harbors, havens, and anchorages. The author personally negotiated every passable entrance in a small craft with the exception of Bolinas and Mendocino Bay and has sheltered in the havens.

    Key System Transit Lines: Two index sheets and 62 enlargements of western Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Ordnance Survey, Southampton Series published , but omitting the war years Complete set of published maps in New Popular Series. The discontinuous numbering system begins with Sheet No. Bound in 4 large volumes in which each sheet has been mounted on linen. In addition to relief shown as contours, numerous physical and cultural features, the maps show in great detail the entire railroad system of England and Wales when it was most extensive.

    Added across the bottom of each digital image are three parts from the individual covers of a folded dissected version of another copy of the map set. The three added parts are the folded cover with a miniature of the area covered, an explanation of the national grid and other map features, and an index map showing the sheet location. Geological Survey; Alpha, Tau Rho, Reston , Virginia This folio comprises scale-accurate, obliquely viewed maps compiled from that portray the physiography of selected areas of the ocean floor and continents around the world.

    These oblique views of landscapes draw upon the techniques of Armin K. Raisz, and Philip B. Or click here to view all 2, new maps and images. When the eight sheets are joined together they make a huge and impressive wall map. This is the second edition with all the sheets from the second edition except sheet 8, the title sheet which is first edition in all copies. The first edition was somewhat incomplete, almost like a proof. Lavishly and beautifully embellished, the map emphasizes Spanish colonial power in South America.

    The map went through many editions with various political implications over a period of decades. The only other copy of this complete second edition is in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid. Two large inset maps: Lotter's Atlas Geographicus Portatilis consists entirely of double-page engraved plates and hand-colored maps.

    The maps are dense with information, given their small size. View both Miniature Atlases. The maps are similar to those published in Carey's General Atlas of see our copy. This atlas is the first world atlas published in America - however, the edition above is also considered the first because it was issued as a separate atlas, not tied to the Guthrie Geography; it went through several editions up to Wilkinson, Robert, London Wilkinson's General Atlas maps were copied freely by American mapmakers of the period, especially the non-American maps.

    Tooley says the last edition of Wilkinson's Genreal Atlas was there appear to be no differences other than the title page between the and editions ; Phillips has ; Moreland mentions as a re-issue - this also was probably used by the Americans. The first Wilkinson Atlas Classica edition was ; this copy is a fairly late issue.

    Relief shown in various styles of hachures and sketches. Includes six "Chrono-Geneological Charts. Shows the various colonial possessions with great detail. Scale approximate; six different scales provided. A compilation based on many reputable sources, as itemized on Sheet 8. Each of the 8 sheets are cut into rectangles and backed with sturdy white muslin. Limits of the dominions of the Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch highlighted in color.

    Multiple languages per dominions, and includes English. Included also is a small five sheet atlas titled "Complete Neptune, to Illustrate, by Arrowsmith, The Progress of Maritime Discovery," which shows the progress of mapping the coast of Africa from Gibraltar south to the Cape of Good Hope. Typical of Arrowsmith's fine cartography, the maps are extraordinarily detailed and up-to-date for their time.

    Similar to Wilkinson, but different. Important for being the source of most of the non U. Most of these maps were also used in the General Atlas by Lucas, although North America was done new as well as a few others. Maps are hand painted in full color. Relief shown by sketches. Melish, John, Philadelphia 1st edition. The first edition was published during the war of , and thus has the feeling of events unfolding with an uncertain outcome. The second edition was published in after the conclusion of the war, and has different text, and is more of a history. Henry Tanner engraved the five large maps that Melish drew, and J.

    Vallance engraved the three small maps. We believe this is the first book Melish published with the idea that it was an "Atlas. Various Authors and various Publishers. A wide ranging group of Pocket Maps from the 19th and 20th centuries. A colorful rendering of comparative mountain heights worldwide, although separated into the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Other aspects of the illustration with the exception of showing volcanoes appear to be fanciful. Substantially more taller mountains than an earlier edition although the same date.

    The peaks are listed, each with a unique number which can be matched up with the numbers at the top and bottom of the illustration. By making a line between the numbers, the corresponding peak is intersected. The rivers have been necessarily straightened to indicate the lengths of the rivers. The compass orientation of the flowing stream is indicated by small north-pointing arrows periodically drawn adjacent to the stream. Includes table of the Length of Rivers in British Miles. A textual description of the rivers accompanies the illustration; it describes the course of the Missouri River, "recently explored by the Americans" Lewis and Clark , as being "extremely devious.

    It was undoubtedly the most accurate Georgia map when published, It has a lovely cartouche vignette, a table of distances, a statistical table, and "Remarks, Statistical and Geological. After the first edition of this atlas, it is clear from looking at these and later issues that Tanner simply used maps that were available in his stock, regardless of whether they were the more recently updated copies.

    Nonetheless, the atlases represent an extraordinarily detailed and accurate look at the political and industrial development of the United States at the time. Many of the guides contain interesting illustrations, views, and advertisements. Karte der Schweiz, von Dr. It is also an outstanding example of early lithographic map printing.

    Woerl seems to have pioneered a method of using color lithography to show roads and important places and towns - he used a red lithographic stone for a second overlay printing. Espenhorst speculates that Woerl may have used a unique combination of lithography and engraving to produce these maps. The atlas was originally issued in parts in , totaling 50 maps. In a 63 map edition was advertised to be issued in 6 parts.

    See P for further details. The Stieler Hand Atlas was often issued with different numbers of maps, tailored to fit the customer's specific needs. The depiction of the Archduchy Austria below the Enns , Schweickhardt, Franz Xaver, Vienna An extraordinary group of 63 birds-eye views of the Austrian countryside that all fit together into one very large image we also have the composite image of all 63 joined.

    Schweickhardt intended to make views but was unable to finish the project due to financial difficulties. A smaller version of this diagram appears in one of her text books. Willard sums up her goal with this chart: The essential point in a date, is to know the relative place of an event, or how it stands in time, compared with other important events. Located In Armstrong County Pa. The scale is large and the map is subtly colored.

    All the buildings, tracks, roads and Collieries are delineated. There is a "Geological Section from Notes by Prof. Shepherd" showing the land on which the Iron Company is built. Two vignettes show the imposing buildings. Why this map was made is not clear, certainly not for general consumption, but perhaps for investors or others specifically interested in the Companies facilities. The date is estimated. Scale feet to an inch. Keith, Edinburgh, London Smaller edition of the Johnston's large physical atlas of first issued in The thematic maps are simplified and in that process become very interesting in themselves.

    Printed in full color. A number of "authorities" are stated in a note, and except for the unexplored portions this seems to be about the best map of Oregon, Washington and Idaho country that could have been made prior to the Civil War. It is an excellent map. Lavishly illustrated around margins of maps with high quality vignettes of animals, structures and people.

    The 32 unnumbered pages of accompanying text were prepared under the direction of Theodor Schade Leutemann produced over steel-engraved illustrations, most of which were used as frames around the maps Thus each sheet had a colored map in its center, surrounded by appropriate scenes illustrating the land and its people, the animals and plants to be found there as well as the buildings and scenery which could be seen Carta corografica del Estado de Panama, Columbia.

    Tourist destinations

    Published during the period when it was still one of the states of Colombia. With Codazzi's death, Maria Paz and Manuel Ponce de Leon were given control of the project's completion and publication of the surveying and mapping work. The maps are undated and not listed specifically in any sources we can locate. These maps are unusual in appearance because of the photo-lithographic enlargement - a great deal of detail is apparent. When put together the seven sheets are about forty feet long - we have made a composite. Early geological mapping of the Comstock Lode - a later and more detailed rendering of the Comstock Lode appears in Becker's subsequent U.

    By that time Clarence King was Director of the U. Il viaggio di Nuova York a San Francisco sulla strada ferrata pacifica degli stati uniti. Le voyage de New-york a San Francisco sur le chemin de fer pacific des etats unis, Union Pacific Railroad Game, No Place of Publication Date and author estimated, not indicated in the printed materials. An unusual board game based on the "new Union Pacific Railroad. A new illustrated Travel-game with 45 stations, 1 dy, 12 cars and 12 numbers charts.

    The cover of the game box 19x24 has a lovely colored litho view of two women joining hands across the American Continent, one representing America and the other Asia. Not in any of the standard game references - rare. Carte drolatique d'Europe pour Hadol, Paul, , Paris Each country is represented by human and animal form of a cartoon character that reflects the personality of each country at the onset of the Franco-Prussian war of Russia, embracing all the German states, expands in every direction with one hand placed firmly on Holland and Belgium.

    With one knee she crushes Austria. A composite atlas with title page, no index. A strange collection in original binding, indicating it was made up for a customer who seemed to want several maps of the same area, but with different publication dates. Maps are dated from early 's to According to the title page, was the first edition of Stieler's Atlas; Title page is dated Some of the multi-sheet map sets are incomplete, as in the United States with three sheets of six.

    A separate atlas of 24 maps was published to accompany this report. See also the U. Phillips, Edinburgh, London This atlas is interesting for its visualization of statistical data of various kinds, using maps of England, Scotland, and Ireland to place data regarding crime, agriculture, education, mining, religion, and more. However the maps themselves are somewhat unimaginative in showing the data: Francis Walker's Statistical Atlas of the U. Census published in is far more path breaking in its visualizations and it is odd that Bevan seems to be unaware of it, eight years later.

    During the Years - Claude Reignier ; Kitchener, H. Horatio Herbert , London Kitchener's Palestine survey was important because it was so accurate that it is still consulted today as a reliable record of late 19th century Palestine by archaeologists and geographers. This copy is special: Official Map of Chinatown in San Francisco.

    Large folding map on two sheets, joined. In , at the height of the anti-Chinese hysteria in California, the official Report of the Special Committee of the Board of Supervisors was issued, reporting on the "Condition of the Chinese Quarter and the Chinese in San Francisco. However, the first issue of this map was printed in a supersized version by San Francisco's first "fine press printer," Edward Bosqui, and this is our copy shown here. It was most likely printed for the use of key city officials.

    It is color-coded to show every business, gambling parlor, houses of white and Chinese prostitution, opium "Resorts," joss houses, etc. It was printed on a scale of 40 feet to the inch. The differences in this large-scale copy and the smaller version are the list of Supervisors imprinted thereon, different type fonts for streets, etc, one mistakenly identified house of white prostitution corrected in the smaller version as a house of Chinese prostitution , and the Bosqui imprint.

    This large-scale version is exceedingly rare. Only a handful of copies are known, most in institutional libraries. Issued only to subscribers at 4, Trafalgar Square, W. The plan extends from below Guanas Bay to the Heights of Spikendevil, a distance of about eighteen or nineteen miles. It has a copious Table of References to various works British and American, some of them with notes as to the time of their construction or destruction. The Original Drawing, ten feet by four feet, is on a scale of about six and a half inches to a mile.

    It is handsomely reproduced for subscribers only in careful facsimile on 24 sheets which can be joined up and mounted like the original as a Wall Map or mounted on linen if desired. Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas in Haupt- und Nebenkarten nebst vollstandigem alphabetischem Namenverzeichnis. Funfte, vollig neubearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage.

    Andree, Richard; Scobel, Albert, Leipzig Andre's atlas is know for fine engraving and extraordinary detail. He produced the early versions of the Times Atlas until Bartholomew took over in Johnston Limited, Edinburgh, London This atlas is small format but dense with information. Many of the maps are part of larger composites, which we have assembled as such.

    The regional and city maps are very well done. Alaska Road Commission, Washington D. The map is a huge production, much larger than any other general map of Alaska published in this time period. It produced this map which shows roads, trails, railroads, telegraph lines, etc. At 5ft by 6ft, few maps of this period have as much detail and information. Geological Survey ; John H.

    Renshawe , Washington D. Shaded relief without contours. Full color artistic rendering of the parks which is very effective and unusual. Part of a series for the national parks. Begins in and goes back to Shows the development of the highway system over time. Information included varies by date but includes regional enlargements, illustrations, descriptive text, route descriptions, and construction and funding status.

    California, Mora, Jo, Monterey Jo Mora has created a delightful and beautiful map of California that is both personal and humorous. Pictorial map with vignettes and text. Color pictorial map of Alaska, published the year Alaska officially became the 49th state of the United States of America. Showing rivers, straits, sounds, towns, mountain ranges drawn in aerial perspective , glaciers shaded white , and existing and proposed highways.

    The map is richly illustrated with naturalistic depictions of wildlife, agricultural products, historical landmarks, oil fields and fisheries. Along the left and right sides, six circular illustrations highlight important events in Alaskan history. The New Portrait of our Planet. Life, Time Inc. A Life magazine publication. A striking illustration of the geological and bathymetric theories at the time.

    A group of six large, early airline route maps. Maps have shaded relief. They include illustrations and descriptions of aircraft, sights, cities, landscapes, geology, and aerial views. From the map note: The Trivial of your Destination. Celebrate your own business regatta Booming activity It owes its name to run near the coast and on it went Enjoy the best adventure in Casa A Pedreira.

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