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Katie Jay is the author of Small Bites ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 0 reviews, published Because Weight Loss Surgery Isn't Magic A Collection of Katie's Essays.
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No matter what, the doctors wanted to blame it on my weight, just like when I was pounds. Even now, after losing all of the weight, I feel like I am just the girl with weight problems and am being told all over again to just lose weight. My weight loss journey taught me to love myself and never ever stop fighting. Self-love is what is going to get you through those negative comments and help you keep moving forward no matter what.

Yes, mentally this was very hard for me to hear. But I am not going to quit. I am not going to stop fighting. I will never let the opinions or comments of others break me down and make me stop fighting! Fight for your health, fight for your mental health, fight for your happiness and most importantly never stop fighting to love yourself!

To read more about this I have a whole blog post up now Jacquelineadan. I think I cried for about an hour. I felt ashamed and embarrassed and started questioning myself and my own body again and not feeling like I was good enough.

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Mentally, I felt myself spiral backward. It was tough to hear that. All my hard work and commitment to bettering not only my physical health but mental health, and it felt like it all got washed away for a second when I was told that I just need to lose more weight. Jacqueline admits that had the situation been handled differently, she wouldn't have felt that way.

Even if she thought I really was gaining weight, I feel like it would have been so much better to say it in a more compassionate way. Sometimes things happen in life.

Jacqueline Adan Is Opening Up About Being Body-Shamed By Her Doctor

Things do not go the way we want them to go and we feel completely stuck and trapped and spiraling down hill Once things in life seem to be going wrong, we can often times begin to think that everything is just bad and we start believing this is just the way things will be.

We think negatively about ourselves and the situation we are in and feel like there is nothing we can do to crawl out of the hole we are in. Along the way, he investigates questions large and small: She learned from an early age what made her miserable, and for Scaachi anything can be cause for despair. Alongside these personal stories are pointed observations about life as a woman of color: These essays are personal without being confessional and clever in a way that invites readers into the joke.

A cultural critique and a finely wrought fan letter, interwoven with stories that are achingly personal, All the Lives I Want is also an exploration of mental illness, the sex industry, and the dangers of loving too hard. How can art explode the restraining conventions of so-called realism, whether aesthetic or political, to engage in the active reinvention of the world?

Nasty Women includes inspiring essays from a diverse group of talented women writers who seek to provide a broad look at how we got here and what we need to do to move forward. Her unique blend of investigative reporting, personal revelation and unexpected humor has made her books bestselling classics. Many women see it as synonymous with strident or aggressive, yet most feel compelled to strive and achieve—the seeming contradiction leaving them in a perpetual double bind.

Women who have made landmark achievements in fields as diverse as law, dog sledding, and butchery weigh in, breaking the last feminist taboo once and for all. An utter joy to read, they give deep insight into the creative process from the prospective of one of our greatest writers. By grappling with novels, recipes, travelogues, pop culture, and his own upbringing, Naben Ruthnum depicts how the distinctive taste of curry has often become maladroit shorthand for brown identity.

It is a vital collection of prose and poetry whose topics range from the pressures of being the vice-president of a Fortune Company, to escaping the killing fields of Cambodia, to the struggles inside immigration, identity, romance, and self-worth. Andra credits her readers and her blog with taking her from an unhappy, unhealthy person to a vibrant, fit woman who lost over 90 pounds and continues to keep it off. After weighing in at a YMCA more than 6 years ago at pounds, Andie decided her lifestyle needed a massive overhaul. She used her newfound drive to kickstart her life, one where she took a day-by-day approach to weight loss - and one that she used to lose over pounds.

And she is living by that goal. With weekly video check-ins and numerous gym visits - which became more and more frequent - Alan managed to reach many of his goals, including benching over pounds, going from a 5K to an indoor triathlon and losing over pounds. Not too shabby for a man that had been overweight his whole life. Besides being a blogger, Diane is the author of Pounds Gone Forever, where she divulges her experience going from a morbidly obese mom of 7 to a motivational speaker and online advocate thousands look to for encouragement. She then spent years going up and down in her weight, gaining and losing, and finally decided a blog would be a great way to keep herself accountable and maintain her weight for life.

She went from pounds to under , and keeps it off by running, updating her weekly weigh-ins and even competing in triathlons. Check out her YouTube channel too, where she posts hilarious vlogs of her workouts and product reviews. Her blog is chock full of race recaps that will easily have you wishing you were running them with her , recipes, food outings, travels, tips and more. Cat is a beautiful, vibrant woman. Cat used to tip the scales at pounds.

After getting surgery and subsequently discovering a deep love for running, she lost all that weight and has kept it off, all while sharing her journey with others. Her blog takes readers through tons of healthy recipes, step-by-step processes for things like home organization, fun things she finds while surfing the web and more. She went down from pounds to a healthy range of , and uses her engaging, neurotic style of writing to give people a different dose of weight loss reading.

In October , Lynn kissed almost half her bodyweight goodbye, all while inspiring others to do the same. Now, with thousands of followers to keep her accountable, Lyn continues to share what she ate, what fitness routines she does and weight loss musings as she strives to maintain her weight. She puts everything out there on the table, and it works.

Kentucky Bariatric Surgery

Her honesty is engaging and will draw you in with every post. Mae started her blog to document her weight loss, and with over pounds gone, she is quite the role-model. Her many followers can come to her for no-holds-back reviews, tips, photos, weight loss progress and more.

He weighed in at a staggering pounds, a point where many people would just give up. Instead, Stephen has made his wellness journey a lifestyle.

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Through eating right and a discovered love for running, he has lost almost pounds and counting! She lost pounds With almost 50 pounds down, Tina is sharing her love of life, food and fitness with the rest of the world - all to stay accountable and embolden others to lose weight too. For her, weight loss should not be a struggle or something that is difficult all the time, but rather embraced as part of a merry life overall.

After spending many years growing up as an emotional and compulsive eater as a way to cope with verbal and emotional abuse, Mary decided it was time to make a change. She lost weight, re-gained it, and decided to start her blog as a way to keep herself motivated. Now, more than 40 pounds down, Mary believes in living life to the fullest while losing weight, not after.

Readers can follow along as she shares daily happenings, exciting events like when she went bungee jumping and parasailing , recipes and workouts. Quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves. With the knowledge that no change would most certainly bring death, Shawn started the blog and emailed the link to everyone he knew to stay accountable. And so began the journey of a morbidly obese man from pounds to losing over pounds, including in just 6 months. But she never lets that get her down, listing new goals and commitments often - commitments that she strives to keep.

In one post, Hollie expressed her frustration with the number on the scale staying put despite her best efforts for it to change. Rather than getting discouraged, Hollie promptly changed her tactics, made a new list of commitments, and continues to take it day-by-day to keep her promises to herself.

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Her photos are sure to draw you as they are evidence of a truly stunning transformation. Krystle dropped almost pounds, and her current photos make it difficult to ever imagine her as overweight, let alone obese. Krystle takes others on a journey through her many workout choices she likes to switch it up often! Since she began blogging about her journey in January , she has lost a great deal of weight and is well on her way to her goal of More importantly, Haneefa changed her life and become a committed runner, tearing up numerous 5Ks and half-marathons.

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  • She continues to lay it all out there with her witty, no-holds-back style of writing, making her blog a must-read for anyone looking for their own way towards weight loss. Kathy connects with readers because her blog is very, very personal, but also entertaining and humorous. She shares her food choices, her exercise routines, her enthusiasm and even the occasional let-down.

    When she started blogging in , she weighed - not much healthier. In January , Dawn had lost it all and finally found herself in maintenance mode with a weight of By sharing her ambitions and wayfaring with her many members and page viewers, of course! One impressive thing about Dawn, weight loss never seems out of reach when she sets her mind to it.

    Dawn is great at switching things up, doing different exercises, eating different foods and even joining in on gym and online contests to see who can lose the most weight. With a dedication to revision, hard work and everything in between yes, even the discouraging things , she lost over pounds and has transformed herself from a person who may not have lived past 65, to a role model of active living for women. Another up-and-comer, she started her blog last November with an opening weight of just over pounds. Now, she weighs in at As a former athlete, Nina has never been a small woman.

    Leslie is not just a run-of-the-mill blogger. For Mary, weight is a constant battle, losing and gaining and losing some more, Mary intends to make this her last time seeing the numbers on the scale climb. Mary is quite creative with her blog. After spending 21 years in an abusive relationship and battling obesity her whole life, Sheryl decided it was time for a change. Sheryl is still fighting every day to get where she wants to be, and she is sure to trust readers by putting herself out there in a completely honest and open fashion.

    Katie Jay (Author of Small Bites)

    Not just chuckle a little, but actually laugh out loud. But she does, and her blog proves it. In January of , and weighing in at over pounds, Tony decided he was going to lose weight once and for all - and he did. Now, Tony is ripped - like literally ripped. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, Tina had let her weight creep up on her after graduating college. Through changing her eating habits and finding an impressive love of crossfit and other exercise regimes, Tina reached her goal weight of pounds in and has been sharing her story with others ever since.

    Her blog has it all - personal adventures and musings, reviews, recipes, weight loss and fitness tips, even a list of her favorite shopping products. Her posts are chock full of fun and often easy exercise routines, healthy recipes, fashion and what life is like being married to a military man. Gina is also quite the photographer, with numerous photos of yummy-looking food and easy-to-follow photo guides of her newest fitness routine. It certainly doesn't stop Mindy, a single mom and a true inspiration to the weight loss blogging community.

    She is actively immersed in it, living every single day by her philosophy to get fit and have fun doing it, all while taking her thousands of fans along with her. Her blog recaps her numerous and quite impressive races, yummy healthy recipes, product reviews that you can actually use and much, much more. Definitely not one to miss. In , she set a goal to lose weight and start running. One year later, the difference was clear. Meghan went from an overweight woman in loose T-shirts to showing off her toned bikini body with friends.

    She started her blog in , and was amazed at how popular it became. Now, with thousands of members and millions of pageviews, Meghann continues to take readers through her fun day-to-day life, races and her love of food along the way. She also seeks to love herself and find confidence - all while writing in her typical make-you-smile, make-your-day fashion.